PU Leather Glasses Pouch - Premium Slim Sleeve Design -Holder and Protector Case

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  • SLIM DESIGN: A sleek low profile design makes this eyewear holder perfect for carrying in your pockets. Its compact construction fits perfectly in hand bags, purses & more.

  • SLEEK AND STYLISH: Pair your stylish glasses and sunglasses with a fashionable holder. A chic minimalist design makes it versatile and stylish with bold classic colors.

  • PROTECTIVE AND DURABLE: Protect and secure your glasses from damage like scratches and bent or broken arms. Our flat cases are made from strong and durable material.

  • GREAT FOR STORAGE AND TRAVEL: Keep your eyewear safe and protected no matter where you go. Our cases are easy to find in bags and they fit perfectly in pockets.

  • EASY TO USE: A slip-in design makes it easy to quickly slide your spectacles into its protective pouch. A leather-like material shields your eyewear from scratches & dirt.

  • Don’t ruin or lose another pair of glasses again! Protect your eyewear and keep them in perfect condition for as long as you want. The Premium Glasses Pouch by OptiPlix features a stylish design that keeps your eyeglasses and sunglasses protected from damage. Our case is designed to shield your frames and make carrying or storing glasses easy. With a chic look our holders are fashionable and functional.


    3” Wide x 6” Long
    Slim Design For Easy Storage and Travel
    Fits Most Standard Sized Glasses
    Stylish and Versatile Look
    Faux Leather




    Bulky cases can take up a lot of room in your bags but our low profile design takes up less space and is easy to use. This case features a flat design that lends it a sleek look. It easily fits in pockets, pouches, purses and backpacks making it easy to carry your glasses wherever you go. Bold classic colors lend it a stylish finish while a leather-like material that gives it a durable construction to shield lenses from dust and debris.


    A compact yet protective construction makes it perfect for carrying everyday or storing. Our spectacle holders are designed to easily fit into bags or pockets keeping lenses and frames in pristine condition no matter where you go. Stock up on a couple of cases and keep multiple pairs stored when you’re not wearing them. Easily slide your eyeglasses or sunglasses in and out of the holder and you’re ready to go!


    The best gifts are the one’s your loved ones can actually use. Show friends and family the importance of eye protection by gifting them our convenient carrying case. This eyewear accessory is sleek, stylish and versatile making it perfect for everyone, including women, men and children!

    PU Leather Glasses Pouch - Premium Slim Sleeve Design -Holder and Protector Case

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