Naniwa Leather unisex-adult Tochigi Leather Glasses Case (Aluminum)

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  • Imported

  • Nylon lining

  • Zipper closure

  • It uses organic leather that has been finished over time by skilled craftsmen using traditional techniques that do not use chemicals. Product processing is a product finished by each skilled artisan in Japan.

  • Small leather skin Made in Japan made in Japan Japan Handmade Father's Day Gift Gift Purse Case Osaka

  • Tochigi leather

  • Unlike cheap mass-produced products, they are carefully finished one by one. It is also a feature of Nume skin, it changes to amber as you use it and you can enjoy its aging.

  • Wallets, business card cases, stationery are standard items. Recently, I made organic leather accessories for inorganic digital items such as i-phone cases and electronic cigarette cases. It is an item that you can feel the warmth of organic leather.

  • Naniwa Leather unisex-adult Tochigi Leather Glasses Case (Aluminum)

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