Helikon-Tex Men's Beanie

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  • Grid Fleece

  • Imported

  • Hook and Loop closure

  • Made of lightweight grid fleece

  • Velour velcro panels on front and back for personalization

  • Small velour panel on top of the cap for IFF

  • Small pocket on the back for emergency ear plugs of other similar small items

  • Cord loop on the back for hanging the cap on carabiner

  • Range beanie cap is based on the famous USMC beanie cap. Made from lightweight, breathable yet very warm grid fleece. The size of the cap has been adjusted to fit perfectly with any hearing protection. On the front and back of the cap there are two soft velour Velcro fasteners for easy personalisation. At the top of the cap there is a small velour Velcro square for the IFF patch. In addition, there is a small zip pocket on the back of the cap for emergency earplugs or other similar small items. On the back, just under the Velcro fastener, there is a cord loop that allows you to hang the cap on a carabiner. Thanks to the small dimensions of the cap, you can always have it in your bag. Features: made of lightweight mesh fleece, velour Velcro surfaces on the front and back for personalisation, small velour panel on the top of the cap for IFF, small pocket on the back for emergency earplugs of other similar small items, drawstring loop on the back for hanging the cap on the carabiner. Any accessories in pictures are for illustration purposes only and are not part of the offer.

    Helikon-Tex Men's Beanie

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