Coolmax Cooling Skull Cap/Helmet Liner/Beanie One Size Fits Most

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Look hardcore whatever your adventure:
Whether you’re carving up the corduroy on the mountains, pounding the trail for a run or taking out your Harley for a Sunday afternoon ride you want to be protected and look the part.
We've got you covered - literally:
True value and versatility comes from the fact that our skull caps can be worn by men and women for a bunch of different activities. Works amazingly as a helmet liner if you’re mountain biking, road racing, motorcycling or hitting the slopes and will keep sweat at bay if you’re shooting hoops or smashing out a WOD.
Ultra lightweight and unbelievably comfortable:
It’s soft, cozy and stretchy and won’t rub or irritate your skin. Crafted with fast-drying premium material our caps feature breathable UV protection and wind resistant technology that won't slow you down when things start heating up. Great for cold weather in winter.
Not all heads are created equal:
Yep, we know there are large heads, small heads, big hair, no hair. We understand, so we made our beanie stretchy with a 90% polyester and 10% spandex blend to fit noggins of all shapes and sizes. 8 out of 10 heads have a perfect fit.

Coolmax Cooling Skull Cap/Helmet Liner/Beanie One Size Fits Most

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