Extra Large Glasses Hard Case For Regular and Oversized Frames and Sunglasses

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  • SAFE PLACE TO STORE YOUR GLASSES: Prevent damage to your glasses and keep them free from dirt and dust by placing them in one of our cool cases for maximum security.

  • HIGHLY DURABLE CASE: A professionally made tough case with a padded interior for your glasses that guarantees the utmost protection even if you drop them by accident.

  • LARGE STORAGE UNIT: Perfect for anyone as the case is 6 inches long to fit most standard sized glasses comfortably – for men, women, or children to keep their specs safe.

  • NEVER LOSE YOUR GLASSES AGAIN: Tired of forgetting where you put your glasses? Our case provides you with a simple solution that keeps them in one easy-to-find place.

  • SLEEK AND STYLISH CONTAINER: All of our cases are made with a solid black hard shell exterior and with your choice of a gray, green, blue, yellow, or red interior to fit your style!

  • With so many expensive glasses available, it would be a huge bummer if the slightest accident damaged them leaving you to buy another pair. If you're a frequent glasses user, whether they're for reading, style, or basic everyday use, keeping them protected is an absolute priority for you. With OptiPlix's Large Glasses Case, you're getting advanced security and safety for your eyewear anytime, anywhere!


    1 x Large Glasses Case
    Dimensions: 6" x 2.1" x 1.3"
    Tough Black Exterior
    Soft Interior Available in 5 Colors: Grey, Green, Blue, Yellow, and Red
    Lightweight and Portable
    Fits Most Traditional Sized Glasses
    A Lovely Gift!


    Not all cases are created equally. Many cases out there are poorly made and keeping your glasses in them doesn't ensure the best protection. A simple accident can break the case along with your glasses so it's almost as if they were never really secure in the first place. Here at OptiPlix, quality is our #1 priority. Our glasses cases are professionally made to guarantee maximum safety to keep your glasses looking as good as new each and every day. A tough exterior shell matched with a soft interior provided multiple layers of protection that keep your eyewear completely snug and safe. With so much durability, you can be sure that you will use our cases for years! Excellence that cannot be matched - get a case for your favorite frames!


    Great for men, women, or children - our glasses cases are big enough to store most traditional glasses sizes with ease so they're great for anyone to use! They also come in various interior colors so you can get one that best matches your personal style. They easily fit in your bag, purse, or glove compartment for easy portability or in any drawer/cabinet for quick storage. Get yours today and keep your glasses safe!

    Extra Large Glasses Hard Case For Regular and Oversized Frames and Sunglasses

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